Exclusive: HGL-13i and HGL-13M

The Hand Grenade-Launchers HGL-13i and HGL-13M are designed on the base of Russian anti-tank grenade launcher RPG-7V and are intended for tanks, self-propelled artillery, armored vehicles and manpower destroying. They are designed and produced by new technology, becoming lighter, ergonomically and therefore more efficient.

The differences between RPG-7V and HGL-13™:

Technology of producing: HGL-13™ is produced by new, more modern technology.
Weight: HGL-13™ is lighter more than 0,6 kg than RPG-7V.
Technology of the thermo-hardening and galvanic covering: The new technology of
carbonitriding in practice assures a very strong surface of the body and life-long anticorrosion
protection. Ergonomics: HGL-13М™ is more ergonomic in use, especially the model HGL-13I™.

Weight (unloaded, w/o bipod) – 5,3 kg(without optic) +/- 0,2
Length – 950 mm
Caliber – 40 mm
Muzzle velocity – 115 m/s
Effective firing range – 500 m
Maximum firing range – ≈ 920 m (self detonates)
Dangerous Range – 30 m
Transverse – 70’
Possible optic sights – PGO-7V (2.7×), UP-7V Telescopic sight,
1PN51/1PN58, “Pagot” – night vision sights,red dot reflex sight.
Ammunition: All type grenades for Russian anti-tank grenade-Launcher RPG-7V: PG-7V
& VM, PG-7VL, PG-7VR, OG-7V, TBG-7V

  1. Cleaning Rod Assy. – 1
  2. Fork Wrench-Screwdriver – 1
  3. Hexagonal Rod Wrench – 1
  4. Firing Pin – 1
  5. Firing Pin Spring – 1
  6. Firing Pin Support Bush – 1
  7. Firing Pin Screw Cap – 1
    Packing of HGL-13 grenade launchers
    HGL-13i – 9 pcs.
    Cleaning/repairing kit 1:1 – 9 pcs.
    Synthetic belt – 9 pcs.
    Wooden boxeswith dimensions: 1150×500×300 mm.
    Gross weight of the box: 80 kg

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