Russian barrelless pistol «OSA»

Developed at the Research Institute of Applied Chemistry of the Concern «Techmash» of the State Corporation Rostec
The «OSA» pistol belongs to the class of non-lethal, «humane» weapons and primarily has a deterrent and psychological effect.
Feature of the pistol «Wasp» is the presence of a «smart» electronic trigger. Pressing the trigger key activates a special chip located in the pistol body. The gun uses a compact pulse electromagnetic generator as a source of energy. When activated, the chip tests the cartridges loaded into the pistol. The test takes place in a request-response mode and takes only a few microseconds.
During each test, the chip receives information about the state of each pistol chamber: whether a cartridge is loaded into a given chamber and whether this cartridge is ready to fire. When the chip finds a working cartridge, it sends a pulse to it, igniting the cartridge’s electric capsule. This system simplifies the shooting process: each pull of the trigger will result in a shot as long as there are working cartridges in the pistol. To increase safety, the trigger pull on the pistols is 40N.
The electronic trigger helps to increase the reliability of the pistol: there are no reciprocating moving parts that can jam due to dirt, faulty cartridges, etc. In the event of a misfire, the pistol will automatically find and fire the next serviceable cartridge: there is no need to correct the delay and reload the weapon as it is necessary to do with conventional systems. The electronic trigger also contributes to the increased safety of the weapon: as long as the trigger is not pressed, the primer cannot be triggered, and any physical impact on the weapon and / or on the cartridge will not result in a shot.