9mm PP-19-01 «Vityaz-SN»

9 mm. The Vityaz-SN submachine gun is designed to destroy manpower, including those protected by body armor, as well as non-armored vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.).

For shooting, cartridges are used 9×19 mm. of various types.

Cartridges are fed from a detachable sector magazine for 30 rounds. A fastening device is provided for connecting two magazines into a single unit, which speeds up reloading.

For ease of transportation, the submachine gun has a butt that folds to the left side.

The principle of operation of the automation is based on the use of the recoil energy of the free shutter. The trigger mechanism allows automatic and single shooting.

The submachine gun is equipped with a mechanical sight, consisting of an aiming bar and a front sight.

There are two options for mounting optical and collimator sights:

  • «Picatinny rail» on the receiver cover;
  • standard side rail on the left side of the receiver.

On the front sight block and on the fore-end, there are connecting places for installing a laser designator, tactical flashlight and front grip.

If necessary, the submachine gun can be equipped with a removable silencer.

Vityaz-SN has the following undeniable advantages:

  • optimal dimensions, weight, excellent balance and ergonomics provide effective firing in confined spaces,
  • effective design of connecting magazines, the ability to quickly change them gives an advantage when firing,
  • it is possible to install various sighting devices and accessories,
  • the methods of preparation for shooting, shooting and maintenance are identical to the methods of handling a Kalashnikov assault rifle, which greatly simplifies training.

The high degree of unification with the AK ensures excellent reliability and performance characteristics of the Vityaz-SN submachine gun.